Answer No
Please answer this question after trying
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Hair loss causes stress
and stress leads
to hair loss.

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Lecello is looking for the following people main-slogan

Those who for decades have experienced significant hair loss

Those who experience thinning hair, or who have lost all their hair in the crown (the so-called crown balding)

Those who, due to hair loss, are wearing wigs

Those who, due to hair damage and thinner hair, are under stress

Women who want to make a beautiful forehead hair lime

* (It may be difficult for those whose pores have been completely blocked from hair loss over a long period of time.


It’s not Magic-
Just Biotechnology

From now on, I will share the secret of Lecello with you.
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You can see a visible change after approximately 120 days, but it may vary from 60 days to 240 days, depending on the individual.

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Hair loss is a race against time.
If the pores are completely
blockeddue to a long period of hair loss,
there is no room for improvement.

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If you can see a meaningful change in a short period of time, as proven by product reviews, Lecello is not a high-priced product

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Safety It has passed the skin stability testconducted by the Korea Dermatological Association.

Patents Lecello has obtained patents in the U.S., Japan, and South Kore

Journal Articles Refer to the Journal of Dermatological Science (he Japanese Dermatological Association), and other international academic journals

From now on,
We will reveal the secret of Lecello

Motivation and Outcome

As one of our research outcomes, we have had Lecello selected as a national research project, while we have been conducting research on stem cells for many years through industry–academia cooperation. After years of research, this study found that several ingredients derived from neutral stem cells play a key role in hair root and follicle stem cells, and discovered that some proteins are conducive to hair growth.

Introduction of Milae Cell Technology (MCT) Lecello –Bio Lab

This stem cell research center is equipped with a GMP Class 10,000 clean room and cell culture room.
Bio Lab
Laboratory setup for molecular biology experiments
Cell Culture Room
Culture room Grade 10,000
Cell Culture Room II
A n Aseptic condition for stem cell culture
Cell Bank Clean
Bank system of Adipose stem cell and neural stem cell
Microbial Lab
Test for venous microorganism and Q/C for low microbial GMP Class 10,000

Screening Technology

The direct use of protein has several disadvantages in terms of skin penetration and stability. To make up for these limitations, peptides with smaller particles are screened, and used as an effective ingredient. It has been developed into an ample-type mist (spray) product that is highly convenient and also safe to use, without any of the discomfort or inconvenience of direct injection into the scalp.

Lecello is characterized by advanced screening technology of less than 500 Dalton that allows the penetration of the active ingredient into hair root and follicle through spraying onto the scalp. By screening proteins that are likely to be used as raw materials, and cutting them into 500 DaDalton or less, they are ableto penetrate the skin. This study has been selected as a new national technology project.

  Lecello mist ample, which is produced by screening proteins at 500 Dalton or less, can penetrate into fibrous tissue follicular cells.

Ease of Use

Scalp Energy Mist can be conveniently used by spraying onto the scalp once a day (with lasting efficacy of 24 hours). It promotes the differentiation of hair follicle stem cells in the adult hair growth cycle to induce hair follicles from the resting period into the growth period, and to restore weakened and thinning hair into healthy hair.

Use of Specialized Raw Materials

Use of Specialized Raw Materials The use of patented peptides derived from neural stem cell extract can help calm a sensitive scalp, and maintain a subtle balance of hair.

Product reviews by users who have tried the product

As proven by the product reviews of many users, Lecello has demonstrated the efficacy with its matchless distinctive change that overshadows modest changes by other products. (Community/Product Review)

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One year is enough to get yourself free from stress, and you don’t need to suffer hair loss for decades

Imagine your wonderful hairstyle
change brought about by Lecello.

With Lecello,
you can make yourdream come true.



Although it varies from individual to individual, when used once a day, change can be noticed from about 90 to 120 days. If there is meaningful change, it is recommended to use the product continuously for about 12 months. After obtaining a satisfactory result, it is recommended to use 2–3 times a week for maintenance. (Results may differ depending on the individual, and it may not be effective if the poreshave been closed for a long time)
It depends on the amount of the individual's hair, but normally one bottle of Lecello (60ml) lasts for about 30 to 35 days.
Do not use the product every day, but taper to only 1–3 times a week. After a period of adaptation for a few weeks, the itching symptoms will disappear. If itching persists, please discontinue use.
To retain the effect of the product, do not wash your hair in the morning. When washing your face, wet your hair with your hands, and use a towel to dry your hair; or use a wet towel to clean your hair,and style your hair as usual.The product is water-soluble, so it can easily be washed off.
We recommend that you use this product after drying your hair after shampooing in the evening. You should shampoo your hair in the evening in order to keep your scalp clean. Sebum and impurities accumulate on your scalp during the day, and hair loss worsens with clogged pores, so you should shampoo your hair within 5 minutes, to prevent the surfactant in the shampoo from irritating the scalp.
It can be used for the beard, but it may affect the fine hair around the face when spraying, so please use the product in well-defined sections, and be careful not to get the product into the eyes.(Wipe off with a wet towel when it is applied to an unwanted area).
Store in a shady, ventilated room at room temperature.